Sam Smith – Too Good at Goodbyes and Just Too Good!

Sam Smith is finally back from his musical “gap year” – much like his mate, Ed. Although I have no idea if they’re even friends, I’m going to assume they are… like a world famous posse of ridiculously talented individuals who only wear pink on Wednesdays (if you know you know).

He’s been teasing his return for quite some time and the world has been waiting patiently for another album to get truly UGLY too!

Everyone has that one song they go to when they need to feel just about every emotion going. Well, his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’, with a bunch of songs most artists ‘wished they’d written’, was just that for millions of us in the most delicate, beautiful, soulful and gut wrenching way. This album was a musical journey of heartbreak in its truest form.

It leaves me wondering what his latest album will be like. How will it differ? What stories is it going to tell? How have the past couple of years shaped and influenced his writing and sound?

Music can go anywhere, that’s its beauty. Within milliseconds of hearing his latest single, ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’, from his upcoming album I was relieved. There’s always that worry when an artist comes back that you won’t recognise any part of them, or you’ll be disappointed, but fear not! This is Sam Smith. Classic tones and killer vocals that hit you instantly and make it impossible not to become enthralled by what you’re hearing. You will escape and you will feel things… You have been warned!!

This single is the perfect introduction to his new album… almost like a melancholic lullaby easing us back into what I hope promises to be another worldwide success. Elements of old with a hint of a more sophisticated, strong and ultimately lived sound.

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